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Services are Provided in All 50 States

Our Home-Based Caseworkers  specialize in providing quality care and professional services to children and families to assist them with coping and healing from trauma that has impaired functioning. We understand that individual support and involvement is essential to our client’s success in meeting their goals and reuniting with their family in a positive environment. Thus, our client based approach includes goal setting, developing parenting skills, employment assistance, behavior management and other tools needed to help our clients move towards family reunification.

Our team of professionals can meet with clients in their own home or anywhere practical supports are needed for improved behavioral health, consistent visits and general well-being. Partnering together, we can make a difference in the expectations and goals that have been identified by our clients and their referring agency.

Our services that facilitate reunification are:

• Father Engagement Program
• Home Base Family Case Management
• Resource Family Support
• Supervised Family Visitation

All services are provided without prejudice of race, age, sex, color, religion, disability.


Casework services preserve, support, and stabilize families by improving caregiving and coping skills and enhancing family resilience. Services may include community referrals for housing, employment support and follow-up, child development education, behavior modification, conflict management, problem solving, communication, domestic violence awareness, setting boundaries, age appropriate discipline and advocacy.

Thanking you in advance for your partnership of working together to bring about life long change to the children and families we serve.

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