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Services are Provided in All 50 States


Echelon Services’ Tutoring is geared toward helping students reach their full potential. We are dedicated to promoting academic success through providing an individualized approach to education. We believe that each student possesses a unique set of talents and gifts.

We meet each student at his/her level of achievement to build core reading, math, writing, and study skills. Our objective is for students to move beyond skills training into full engagement in the education process. We believe learning is an active, not a passive process and that active learners are responsible for their education and strive for excellence in all that they do.

With our mission to help students reach their full potential at the forefront, our goal is to provide an accepting, nurturing, learning environment while challenging students to achieve their personal best. We expect that as students develop proficiency they will build self-confidence and will become motivated to succeed academically. Consequently, students will realize education is a pathway to success.

We strive to provide a quality educational experience that will open every door and opportunity available to each of our students. Our intent is to foster critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual curiosity in our students. These qualities are key to the success of our future leaders of tomorrow.

Subject Tutoring

Echelon Services provides in-home tutoring services for students from kindergarten to college with programs that are tailored to fit each student’s specific needs and goals. Our philosophy is to make sure that we provide the right resources and educational guidance for students who need assistance, through focused tutoring and personalized plans of action.
Our goal is to get there by helping students to discover their strengths, address academic subjects that need extra support, and by giving them crucial confidence and self esteem by re-teaching any subject where they may be confused. We even help to build valuable study habits that students can continue to use during college and beyond.

We provide tutors who are experienced in many fields of study, including:


·      Math Tutoring

·      English Tutoring

·      Languages

·      Special Needs

·      History Tutoring
       & Social Sciences

·      Test Prep Tutoring

·      Science Tutoring

·      Study Skills Tutoring

Academic Coaching

In a world that has become more and more complicated with extra-curricular activities, sports practice every night, and increasing academic pressures, just keeping up with responsibilities can be mind-boggling for a child or teen. With a coach, a student can take a deep breath and see a way that it all can be done, and with less stress. This is a holistic way to achieve success.

SAT and ACT Test Prep

To get accepted into a college of choice, it is imperative to strive to reach the highest scores you can. One-to-one assistance is the best way to target each student’s specific areas that need improvement.

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