Subject Tutoring

Echelon Services provides in-home tutoring services for students from kindergarten to 12th grade with programs that are tailored to fit each student’s specific needs and goals. Our philosophy is to make sure that we provide the right resources and educational guidance for students who need assistance, through focused tutoring and personalized plans of action.
Our goal is to get there by helping students to discover their strengths, address academic subjects that need extra support, and by giving them crucial confidence and self esteem by re-teaching any subject where they may be confused. We even help to build valuable study habits that students can continue to use during college and beyond.

We provide tutors who are experienced in many fields of study, including:


·Math Tutoring

·English Tutoring


·Special Needs

·History Tutoring
& Social Sciences

·Test Prep Tutoring

·Science Tutoring

·Study Skills Tutoring


Academic Coaching

In a world that has become more and more complicated with extra-curricular activities, sports practice every night, and increasing academic pressures, just keeping up with responsibilities can be mind-boggling for a child or teen. With a coach, a student can take a deep breath and see a way that it all can be done, and with less stress. This is a holistic way to achieve success.



Here are some responsibilities of an academic coach:

  1. Monitor quality and completion of homework. Too many students are fighting with and misleading their parents about homework.  Many students are much more receptive to professionals than they are to their parents in finding better ways to get homework done efficiently.

  2. Teach time management. This includes prioritizing and tackling homework and long term projects, finding short cuts, focusing to use time productively, and fitting in extra-curricular activities and down time.

  3. Teach organizational skills. This includes organizing supplies and papers so everything can be found easily.       It also encompasses organizing ideas and writing, and organizing material to study for a test.

  4. Teach study skills.   Some ways to study are more efficient than others.

  5. Explore goal setting, both academic and personal. A coach can help you see that school work, homework, tests, and essays are important not just in the short run but as part of a greater goal.

  6. Provide focus. It is so easy to get distracted every minute.   A coach can help you focus by assisting in setting and writing down goals, and looking at the big picture as well as the small steps to get there.

  7. Motivate. A coach will find reasons to push on.

  8. Provide encouragement. Sometimes just knowing that someone believes in you can make you work harder.       Improving self esteem goes a long way.

  9. Expect you to do your best. An academic coach builds a relationship with a student and can tell when he is just getting by or doing his best. High expectations can build confidence.

  10. Provide a system for rewards. If you can work efficiently, there will be more down time for fun and more time to sleep, right?

  11. Reduce stress. Learning skills to work resourcefully towards goals provides a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

  12. Help balance school with personal life and be successful with both.


We all want to work to our potential. An academic coach is an excellent avenue to help with that goal.



SAT and ACT Test Prep


To get accepted into a college of choice, it is imperative to strive to reach the highest scores you can. One-to-one assistance is the best way to target each student’s specific areas that need improvement.

Preparing for a test can be intimidating and frustrating for students at any age or educational level. Many people remember the SAT and ACT as tests where studying wouldn’t be helpful, but the amount of preparation material that is currently available demonstrates why that isn’t the case. Most high school students who are now entering universities have received some form of preparation for the SAT or ACT. When students are ranked based on a percentile score as compared to their peers, not having an excellent score can put students at a disadvantage.