What is the first step in the process?

Complete an initial inquiry form and return to us.


What is the minimum time to work with a tutor?

We schedule students for two hour sessions minimum.  There is no contract to sign so you can receive tutoring for as long as you would like. You must just notify us at least seven days in advance when services are no longer needed.


How long will my child require a private tutor?

The length of time your child will require a private tutor is dependent upon the student’s need, abilities, and how far he or she is behind when we start working together.

Our ultimate goal is your child’s success!

How do you ensure quality tutors?

Our tutors are extraordinary! We have extremely high confidence in them, and they are rigorously screened.

Some of our tutors are licensed teachers, some of whom currently teach and others who no longer teach in a school. Many of our other tutors have a college degree in the content area, but all will have previous experience as tutors.


We custom fit each tutor with your child’s specific needs and keep in touch with you throughout the process in case any fine tuning is needed.

What if I don’t want the tutor to come to my home?

On occasion, the hustle and bustle of family life does not equal an ideal learning environment.

Our tutors are happy to meet at a local library or recreation center, as long as it is a safe and quiet place for everyone.

We require that an adult chaperon be present for all tutoring sessions for children under the age of 18.

***We do not provide transportation for the child(ren) at any time. 

What kind of educational testing do you offer?

We do not offer any educational testing. We will be glad to recommend expert companies to you for this testing, and you can pick the best fit for your child.

*****We do not require testing to get started!

We look forward to the opportunity to provide a unique,

enjoyable and unparalleled experience for both you and your children.