Non-Medical Home Care

Personal Care Services


When it comes to personal care, you can count on Echelon Services to ensure that when it matters most, your loved one has the reliable at-home care they need. We pride ourselves on the level of care we offer. It is our goal to help your loved one accomplish everyday tasks, surrounded by compassion and love. We are dedicated to providing personal home care with dignity, while assisting in ways that help your loved one to be able to remain where they are the most comfortable, in their own home.

We care about what we do and respect the needs of your loved one, putting their care as our priority each and every day. We can assist with the following personal care services:

Medication Reminders
We are here to help you with this simple task. Missing your daily dosage of prescription medication can not only be inconvenient, but possibly dangerous. Straying from your scheduled medicine dosage schedule or attempting to compensate for missed doses can also be harmful and problematic. Our experienced professionals are here to help remind you to take your medication, and to make sure that you are taking the proper dosages at the proper times under the proper circumstances. Missing a dosage or two can be incredibly serious and dangerous, and in some cases, life threatening. Our professionals are here to help ensure that you are taking your prescription medications in the right way, so that you can continue to live your life safely and happily. Don’t let minor obstacles like occasional memory loss stand in the way of you being able to live your daily life. 

Assistance with Bathing
As we grow older, sometimes things that were simple for us just a few years prior become a bit of a challenge. Whether we care to admit it or not, this is an inevitable part of life and growing, and while some of us have a hard time making this transition and admitting that we may need the help of a professional, accepting the help of someone else doesn’t mean giving up our independence. On the contrary; accepting the help of others in completing minor tasks makes it possible for us to get over these minor obstacles and continue to live our lives and do all the things we love to do.

As we age, one of the things that becomes more difficult to do is bathing ourselves. Our day starts with a nice bath or hot shower, and the feeling of being clean gives us the confidence and strength to conquer any challenge that the day throws at us. Being able to look our very best every single day also gives us confidence as we venture into the outside world, so not being able to perform this task for ourselves can be frustrating, to say the least. Our professionals are here to help you with basic bathing and showering, so that you don’t have to feel helpless or unable to take care of yourself. Our professionals are happy to assist you in bathing and showering, so you can continue to maintain your independence and go about your day, instead of struggling to complete the task on your own. 


Assistance with Dressing
While everyday tasks become a bit more challenging as we grow older, one of the most common examples of this is an inability to dress ourselves each day. No matter what age we are, we like looking good, even if we have no plans to go out or see people. It gives us confidence to know that we look good and are wearing clothes that look flattering on us. Not being able to dress ourselves can be incredibly frustrating, but at Echelon Services, our experienced professionals are here to help you. Even if it means simply helping you with putting on or removing a shirt, zipping up a dress, or fixing a collar, we are here to help ensure that you look great. When you look great, you feel great, and we want nothing more than our clients to feel fantastic each and every day.


Assistance with Incontinence Care

Assistance with Mobility


Meal Preparation
While life can come with its fair share of every day frustrations and things that can bring us down, there are few things that feel as good as having a nice hot meal to satisfy our hunger and lift our spirits. Our attendants are here to help you with your breakfast, lunch, dinner or between-meal snacking needs. Just because you may not be able to prepare foods for yourself doesn’t mean that you need to suffer and resort to a life of processed junk foods. Food is a powerful thing — it can boost our mood, expose us to new cultures, bring us together with friends and family and serve as a fun and productive hobby. Don’t let the minor limitations of your life prevent you from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures


Light Housework
When it comes to keeping a home neat and tidy, one of the reasons why our homes get dirty is because it’s easy to get lazy and not clean up. It’s easy to not take out the trash, do dishes, vacuum or put things away when they are not being used. Beyond that, however, as we grow older, our level of energy and strength tends to decrease, and thus, we are unable to perform simple housekeeping tasks as well as we may have been able to even just a few years prior. Thanks to the experienced professionals at Echelon Services, we are able to assist you with basic housekeeping needs. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to lift certain things, be on our feet for extended amounts of time or exert ourselves— all things that cleaning a house can do to us at times. These obstacles don’t mean that your home has to suffer, though. Our experienced professionals are happy to assist you with light housekeeping tasks like taking out garbage and recycling, basic dishwashing, vacuuming, dusting and more.

Errand Transportation (private pay charge per-mileage)

Laundry Assistance
Think about it — we spend so much time in our clothes, in our beds, using towels, blankets and the like. The minor amount of work that it takes to wash these items makes a world of difference. Not being able to do these things ourselves, however, can not only prove to be problematic, but also frustrating. There’s nothing quite like getting into a bed that’s made with freshly washed bedding. Putting on a just-laundered shirt or pair of pants is nothing short of delightful. Getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a delightfully clean towel is one of life’s little joys. All of these things come from being able to launder our clothing, bedding and other personal items, and not being able to do these things strips us of these pleasures. Thanks to the professionals at Echelon Services you don’t have to worry about not being able to do your laundry or struggling while attempting to do so. While you may be partly able to do these tasks on your own, leave it to our experienced professionals to help you out with tasks like this so you can continue living your life the way you want to live it, free of obstacles and the frustrations that come with them.

Sleep Over Attendant Care 
Sleep-over care is for client’s who are more independent but would like the added security of having a caregiver in the home over night in the event that assistance is needed. This service enables the clients to have assistance less than 3 times per night. Clients need to have a separate room for caregivers to sleep in such as a guest room. Then the client can call the caregiver using a call monitor if help is needed. This service also includes our caregivers assisting the client with evening needs and assisting the client with morning needs to help the client start their day. 

Care to Relieve Family Members

Observation and Safety


Companionship Services

There’s something special about human interaction; it’s unlike anything else we can encounter in life. It’s one thing to talk to friends on the phone, write letters or talk to people over the internet, but the magic that comes with being able to interact with someone face to face on a one-on-one basis is something truly special.

As we grow older, we sometimes find ourselves by ourselves more often than we would like.

Family may live further away than we’d like, spouses pass away, friends become less mobile and thus less easy to spend time with; all of these things result in a decrease in face to face interactions. While this is a normal part of life, we also don’t have to accept it and not make an effort to change it.

Sometimes all you need is someone to sit and talk to. Sometimes all you need is someone just to sit and listen. Whatever the circumstances may be, Echelon Services offers companionship services for those of you in need. Whether it’s something as simple as having someone around just to have a conversation with, someone to help you with basic daily tasks, someone to assist you with technological devices, or someone to help you with your hobbies, we are here to provide you an experienced professional who can help bring you the warmth and comfort that only the company of another human being can bring you.

Companionship Services Include:

·         Assist with Walking

·         Watching Movies

·         Play Cards and Games

·         Plan Visits to Family

·         Care for Houseplants

·         Preparing Grocery Shopping List

·         Help with Clothing Selection

·         Monitor Diet

·         Conversation

·         Assist with Personal Tasks



Homemaking Services

Those household chores may seem like small tasks

but if you have to do them alone every day, they can really take the toll. 

Echelon Services offers the help you need with common household chores.

With less time spent on keeping the house clean, you can enjoy the comforts of home more, we can help with:

·         Gardening

·         Making the Bed

·         Changing Linens

·         Dusting and Vacuuming

·         Taking Out the Trash

·         Care for House Pets

·         Washing Dishes

·         Doing the Laundry

·         Picking Up Prescriptions

·         Keeping the Bathroom Clean

·         Trash Removal

·         Mopping

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